FinnSids 2 (LP)

FinnSids 2 (LP)

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The 2nd Fabulous collection of Finnish SID music.

More From North. SID Finland - all good! After the huge success of FINNSIDS 1 we are finally back with the long awaited sequel. Through decades, the Finnish SID forces have been strong and from our roster we are now presenting a totally new line-up of 10 merited & active composers. What you get is 7 exclusive tunes out of 10, especially crafted for this collection!



Cadaver - Ben McG Joyrides Eagle Fighter (3:20)

Warlord - Summer Nightbreak Groove (2:37)

Flotsam - Plenus (4:48)

Ferrara - My Dusty 8580s (2:50)

Mutetus - Diskobeibe 5:06


Page - Soldier of Fortune (3:20)

Jangler - Cakewalk (2:56)

Deetsay - Huutokauppa (3:39)

Barracuda - Soft 420 (4:20)

Frostbyte - Empty (3:42)

Produced by Flex

Mastered by Aomeba

Sleeve graphics by Electric

Limited edition of 300 pcs